What is CEREC Technology?

Cerec is CAD/CAM technology that allows for a custom-made dental crown to be placed in only one day. In fact, some patients are even able to have their new dental crown fitted in one lengthened appointment.

How Does CEREC Work?

Usually, when a dental crown is required, a patient is required to make at least two visits to their dental office. On the first visit, the tooth to be crowned is prepared by the dentist so that a dental crown can be fitted on top of the tooth. Once the tooth is prepared, an impression of the mouth and the prepared tooth is taken to create a model of the tooth and surrounding teeth. The model is used by a dental laboratory to create a custom-made dental crown that fits properly over the prepared tooth and matches the look and colour of the surrounding teeth. The custom-made crown is sent back to the dental office, and the patient attends a second appointment to have the crown permanently placed over the prepared tooth.

With CEREC technology, the tooth is prepared by the dentist and a digital impression is taken of the prepared tooth and surrounding teeth. The digital impression is then immediately used by the in-office CEREC machine to fabricate a custom-made dental crown to fit over the prepared tooth. Once the custom-made crown is completed, it is placed the same day.

Other Benefits Of CEREC Technology

Another benefit of CEREC technology is comfort. CEREC uses digital scans of the mouth, so there is no need for patients to have any impression material or impression trays placed in the mouth. Dental veneers are also possible the same day with CEREC technology.

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